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Frequently Asked Questions

Imperial works with over a dozen different electrical providers. Each year we evaluate each provider based on rates and customer service.
It is the recommendation of Imperial to have a fixed contract versus a variable contract which is how many incurred the sky rocketing prices due to the unexpected and varied nature of the storm. It is also important to understand HOW and WHEN you use your electricity in order to prepare yourself for future events. Moreover, particularly for commercial use, it requires an in depth study of your demand and consumption usage.
Contracts may vary from (3) months up to (120) months.
Delivery charges are fees that are passed on by your Retail Electrical Providers from your Utility Provider (Centerpoint, Encore, TNMP, AEP -dependent upon where you live). Those charges are used for Utility Infrastructure maintenance for substations, light poles, wiring, transformers etc. However, with a proper analysis and understanding of how electricity is used, those charges can be reduced over time.
Power Factor measures how much energy is absorbed by the customer in comparison to how much is provided by the utility provider; A low Power Factor indicates a presence of more wasted energy which results in added costs towards your delivery charges.
Yes! Different companies have different rates, customer service levels and other added values that come with a contract. Depending upon your organization’s need, one Retail Electrical Provider may be a better fit versus another. (Cost, Customer Service, Stability)