Our story

Your energy partner since 2013.

Imperial is a full-service utility and energy management firm based in Houston, Texas. Established in 2013, our decade long experience in utility analysis and optimization allows us to properly guide our customers to achieve their energy goals.

Imperial’s relationships with many REPs, utility providers, mechanical and lighting technicians ensures best possible solutions not only in terms of pricing, but also in terms of efficiency and optimization. Imperial is a member of the Texas Energy Managers Association.

Imperial was founded by Paul Brokhin, MA.,MBA., as solution for customers looking for a navigator to guide their company through optimization programs, in-depth analysis, government and private sector rebate programs, demand response and more.

Paul Brokhin is a graduate of the University of Houston and has a Masters of Applied Economics and a Masters in Business Administration. Paul has lived in the Houston, TX area for over 25 years and lives here with his wife, two children, and dog.