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Specializing in utility efficiency optimization and cost reduction

Imperial Utilities & Sustainability

We specialize in utility efficiency optimization and cost reduction. Our utility and energy management services allow customers to learn about all possible savings opportunities through projects or best possible practices.

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Monthly analysis of consumptions and costs of utilities located on sites: electricity, water, gas, chilled water, steam.
  • Commercial Facilities: electricity and gas
  • Residential properties: electricity

Return-on-Investment and Payback analysis on all utility related project.

EX: Chiller, RTUs, and boilers change out, Building Management System upgrade, lighting retrofit, Cooling Tower replacement, and many more

  • Analysis of rebate opportunities based on project and equipment section
  • Rebate application and procurement
  • Utility sponsored and Federal / National programs.
Assessments of commercial facilities with identification and implementation of low-to-no-cost energy and demand savings opportunities
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  • Revenue opportunities for qualified facilities that curtail load based on need
  • Local utility and ERCOT programs
  • Assessment and analysis of water evaporation credits
  • Monthly tracking and review of credits
  • Assistance with Blow-Down & Make-Up meter certification
  • Assessment of utility state sales tax
  • Recovery of overpaid sales tax for qualified facilities
  • Evaluation of power factor levels
  • Payback analysis and assistance with Power Factor correction
  • Monthly EnergyStar portfolio update and maintenance
  • Assistance with EnergyStar and LEED certification for qualified facilities
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